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I mean, it’s not a mind blowing amount of traffic, but 184,000 unique visitors per year is what I was able to generate to a website I created out of thin air within 2 years.

And over 6,000 highly qualified subscribers.

All with a Facebook Ads budget of exactly $0.00

This site was super duper niche. I helped people get jobs in craft beverage (mostly craft beer).

Over the 2.5 years that I ran this site, the site generated a little bit of revenue. It was my first adventure in online business, and if I’m speaking honestly, my monetization strategy at the time was a little flawed (my competition was LinkedIN and Indeed. I had no chance.).

But what I was able to do what nurture a blog that generated consistent, quality organic traffic, and I was able to grow my list quickly from that blog. I did the opposite of what so many online businesses are doing these days, which is putting all of their hopes and dreams into Facebook Ads.

I’m not against Facebook Ads, but I see an inherent problem when an online business relies solely on that channel of traffic. Their website has no equity.

My name is Cindy Molchany, and I founded the website, and I teach business owners and entrepreneurs about how to grow a sustainable and profitable business online.

Craft Beverage Jobs broke even after 2.5 years of my running it. Almost to the dollar and cent. What I was able to generate in paid job listings completely offset the cost of running the site, which was pretty minimal considering I didn’t pay for any traffic.

But here’s where things get interesting, and I want you to pay attention:

I sold the site for huge profits in early 2017.

And it was all because I built a site that had steady, consistent, and quality traffic from Google. The site had value.

Had the traffic I generated come from Facebook Ads or even from the Google Ad Network, the site would’ve been a liability, and any smart investor would have ran fast, and I mean sprinted, in the opposite direction. Instead, when I decided to sell the site, my little listing on Flippa generated a bidding war, and right before the closing of the auction I received an offer via private message that I simply couldn’t turn down.

Want to know how I generated 137,000 unique visitors per year all from Google? And how I grew my list?

  • Step 1. I figured out exactly what my audience needed that they were not getting from anywhere else (i.e. career advice specific to the beer, wine, and coffee industry).
  • Step 2. I delivered this info via quality content that I provided in long, resource-packed blog posts.
  • Step 3. I created additional resources to go along with these long-form posts that helped the reader actual apply what they were learning.

These three steps, along with additional strategies to help you win the hearts of your audience and rank well in Google is what I call the Pillar Content Formula™, and it’s a step-by-step system I put together after spending countless hours reading SEO blogs and testing tactics learned.

What’s great about the  Pillar Content Formula™ is that with just a little bit of effort (I probably spent no more than 10 hours per month working on I was able to create an online property that will enjoy free organic traffic from Google for the long-term. The site is relatively immune from the constant change of SEO; quite simply, unless Google changes its own business model, they’ll never want to punish a website that gives their users exactly what they’re looking for. They’d be foolish to!

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